Written Works


Dr. Richard Oswald Shay

Chapter 1: Shay's on a Plane

Chapter 2: Return of the Shay

Chapter 3: Of Catepillars & Men

Chapter 4: Monstrous Misuse of Medical Machinery

Chapter 5: The Road to Success

Chapter 6: Day of the Living Code

Chapter 7: Do Not Talk About Research Group

Chapter 8: A Heart of Code

Chapter 9: Lunacy

Chapter 10: Under the Sea

Chapter 11: Intruder Alert

Chapter 12: Invasive Action

Chapter 13: Died and Gone to the Heavens


Dr. Richard Oswald Shay 2

Chapter 1: Wedding Bells & Missle Shells

Chapter 2: Pop Goes the Weasel

Chapter 3: Life, Death, and Carbonism

Chapter 4: This Can't End Well

Chapter 5: This is War

Chapter 6: It's Just Not Fair

Chapter 7: Red Alert

Chapter 8: Deadly Butterfly

Chapter 9: Philosophical Banter