Funding the Site

There are two ways to support the site. You can donate or you can advertise on the site. I know people have asked for a store, but I don't see that working out.



To donate, just follow this PayPal link and enter the amount you'd like to donate.



If you'd like to advertise on this site, you need to tell me what, where, when & how much. Send info here:


I need to know where on the site you'd like to advertise.

Main page? The page everyone enters the site from.

Comic viewing pages? At the top of the page when the readers are reading the comic. I cannot specify that ads are placed only on some, but not all of the comics.

Side pages? Pages like this one.

The messageboard is not open to advertisements.


What days would you want to advertise. I'm not dealing with per click or per view. That just makes things too complicated for me.

How Much

What do you plan to pay per day for the adspace? Payment is done in advance, via PayPal.


I need to see the ad banner before I put it on the site. I can deny any ad for any reason. The primary reasons I'd deny an ad, however, are:

If the ad flashes too much

If the ad plays sound

If the ad opens any new windows without clicking on it

If the ad downloads anything on to the user's computer

If the ad is far too violent

If the ad shows uncensored nudity

If the ad is not the standard banner ad size & shape (Approximately 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall)