I know that some of you want to start your own sprite comic.
That's what I did way back around December 14th, 2002.
Over time, I learned a lot of tricks of the trade and
have improved the quality of the comic a lot!
As a symbol of sprite comics, Megaman is here to offer you our wisdom...


MegaHelp 01: Annoying White Boxes

MegaHelp 02: Recoloration

MegaHelp 03: I See Through You

MegaHelp 04: Pixelate!

MegaHelp 05: Scrambled

MegaHelp 06: Ripped Apart

MegaHelp 07: Talky Talky

MegaHelp 08: Fun With Photoshop

MegaHelp 09: Flamin' Recolors

MegaHelp 10: Boxed In