Below you can find software that I've worked on in some form.



As a programmer, I keep a portfolio of stuff I make on my own. Here's a link to it: Sludge Crawler



These little characters run around the screen & play music. I didn't write their code; I used a screenmate creater to make them.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna


Link with Sword

Link with Items (Click him to see 1 of his 18 items)

Samus Aran

Mario with FLUDD

Luigi with Poultergust 3000

Princess Peach Toadstool

Toad's House (Click on treasure chest to open)

Warp Pipe

Super Sonic

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog

Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik

Princess Zelda

Shadow Link

Witch (Follows the cursor)


Origional Tetris (No Cameos)


WinAmp Skin!

Yeah, we now have a WinAmp skin... It's not perfect, as it only effects the main window of WinAmp.


Put it in the directory your skins are in. There is no need to extract the zip file using WinZip.



The "Programs" Program

This was one of my earliest applications. It's a panel of buttons. There are 36 buttons in all. You can set 35 of them to run the programs of your choice by utilizing the settings button. You can also change other characteristics of it. If you change the bitmap images, for example, the icons change. When changing the captions, inserting an '&' symbol before a letter will underline that letter. This allows you to press Ctrl + the letter you picked to press the button by way of keyboard. Here's an image of what it might look like for you if you use the defaults:

If you would like to download this, there are 2 versions. The first one has all the buttons your default button color. (Easy for customization) The other has 7 buttons recolored to better match those 7 default images (see above image for which 7) The recolorization is in no setting as of yet, that's why there are 2 versions. You need WinZip to extract these files. Pick the one you want & download! Extract to: "C:\Programs" or it wont work. (I'm working on that too) To my knowledge, that's all the bugs. Warning: This is software. Any software has the potential to harm your computer even if it is flawless. If that happens, call a professional to fix it & don't blame me. I'm putting this up here on the web as a nice bonus for you readers. I use version 2. (As you can see from the image)

V 1.0                  V 2.0