Some information about the GameCheetz duoverse.



The first comic is comic NULL.

Before comic NULL were the negacomics. In them, time flowed backwards.

After comic NULL are the posicomics, which are the normal forward-flowing timeline.

Comics 0-9 were about binary numbers. This was the first era, also known as the 1-digit era. It was here that Crazy Hand was first formed, and destroyed everything by comic 9.

Comics 00-99 were about words. This was the second era, also known as the 2-digit era. Crazy Hand was reincarnated here and destroyed everything again, by comic 99.

To recap, comic NULL and the comics surrounding it were, in order:

-02, -01, -00, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, -0, NULL, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 00, 01, 02

000-999 was the third era (the 3-digit era). It was here that Tikal fought Chaos. It was here that Hyrule was created, and Link visited. There were mostly puzzle games though. Crazy Hand, as usual, reincarnated here and destroyed almost everything... Link's short visit, Farore, Nayru, Din, and various other forces kept some things from getting destroyed.

0000-9999 was the 4th era (4-digit era). It was here that Pit summoned Crazy Hand and fought him. This was the first time Crazy Hand had a mind, because Pit made sure he did. All of his other incarnations were as destructive items. In this era, there were mostly RPGs. Those few who weren't turn-based wound up discriminated against, in part because they were more powerful than those who're turn based.

00000-Present is the 5th era (5 digit era). This is the actual comic itself that you've been reading. Crazy Hand has not yet reincarnated in this era. The Crazy Hand seen thus far is the 4-digit era's version. It's in this era that the Director came to this duoverse from the outside to have a sprite comic.



The Light World (Sunworld) and Dark World (Moonworld) are opposites.

The Dark World was created by pit in comic 9999 (the last comic of the 4-digit era) to trap Crazy Hand in, and was mostly destroyed in 00301 by Samus, though some fragments of it remain.

Star Fox series characters in the comic are originally from the Dark World, and came to the Light World to escape the destruction Samus caused.



There are three basic parts that make up all sprites in the duoverse.

Existence is the body and intellect.

Substance is the emotions.

Shadow is the evil.

Each of the three is half a being.

Existence alone would be Nobodies and Inorganic Items (Like Metals).

Substance alone would be Whipped Cream, Corpses and Organic Items.

Shadow alone would be evil Darkness that can destroy most sprites, like antimatter. Crazy Hand was pure darkness in his 1-digit, 2-digit, and 3-digit incarnations.

Existence + Substance = Light Worlder. A normal sprite.

Existence + Darkness = Dark Worlder.

Substance + Darkness = Heartless. Because of Pit Crazy Hand was a Heartless instead of pure Shadow. The zombies were like Heartless, but don't have enough Darkness to be fully functional.

Existence + Substance + Darkness = Negated into nothingness, or if lucky, a super powerful being.

When Samus and Dark Samus merged, the resulting sprite was Existence + Substance + Existence + Darkness, so she could've either become a Nobody or a super powerful being. She became super powerful, obviously.



Final Destination and Battlefield are random pices floating in space.

The Bowling Alley is it's own planet with the Hidden Room and Admin Offices in it's core.

The planet of Miyamotan is where the kingdom of Hyrule is. Through numerous forgotten civil wars throughout the 3 and 4 digit eras, the kingdom divided into many seperate pieces.

Current day Hyrule is adjacent to Zora's Domain, the Goron Village, the Lost Woods, the Gerudo Desert and a large ocean.

The land that used to be in that ocean broke off the planet and is nearby. It's now known as Pop Star, and while it's not part of Miyamotan, the two are irrevocably connected through the land of dreams.

Beyond Pop Star is the land of the Stars, where Eldstar and his kind live.

Beyond the ocean is Nimbus Land.

Nimbus Land, The Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Land are all adjacent to one another.

The Bean Bean Kingdom is adjacent to the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is said that there's a kingdom adjecent to the Lost Woods and Zora's Doman, and another kingdom on the other end of the Gerudo Desert.

Angel Land, which existed since the 4-digit era, eventually became renamed SR-388.

Planet Mobius is orbitted by the Ark. While not discovered until the 5-digit era, when Master Hand claimed to have created it, it's actually existed since the 3-digit era.