Chapter 5: This is War

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Usually, if Lunie has something important to tell me, she sends me an instant message to whatever computer I'm closest to. This time, however, she spoke to me more directly, right into my mind. It was surprisingly non-invasive. First, I felt that she was worried about Feb. I communicated back my curiosity as to why. Feb had apparently done something awful. It was a conversation of pure concepts and emotions, without words getting in the way. Lunie showed me her memory of the event, as it happened.

In a couple of days, Ray SeBright will be going to some conference about me, but will not be in control of his own body. Feb designed a sort of receiver to override his brain's signals with what she sends. She has a corresponding transmitter on herself. I didn't want her involved in this war, so I gave her as little information as possible as to what I was doing, and as a result, she got involved.

They've isolated their central server from the internet because they feared I'd hack them. She will be attaching a cell phone to their system, claiming that it's out of battery and she needs to charge it via a USB connection. Through the cell phone, Lunie will have access to the system and be able to change votes of those attending. This is also wrong to do, but again, the planet's safety is at stake, and they won't know what happened. Lunie is a bit reluctant because she knows that it's morally wrong, but she also knows that not helping would create more war, which is morally worse.

It shocks me that February would do something like that. To take over another's will so directly, and against their will is just wrong. With less resistance, however, it will be easier to get rid of all my portal tech, preventing anyone else from weaponizing it and potentially destroying the planet.

It's not so different from what I've been setting up, so I can't really say much against it. I've been modifying the invisible secondary sentries from the underwater base to infiltrate various military compounds and laboratories to steal and destroy whatever information they have on the portal tech. The new model is as small as a poodle, fast and agile. It produces a bit of a blur when it moves, because of the delay of the light signals from one side of the device to the other.

It's ironic that all I wanted to do is stop this war, and I've now become an entire side in it. Had I not meddled in the first place, a few places would've been hit by missiles and it'd be over without any attempts made to weaponize my portals. As I tried to fix my mistake, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Along the way, most of my ideals have gotten trampled on. Now I'm in way too deep to stop. I just want this madness to end.

The only choice I actually have at this point, is whether to simply complete my search and return all nations to the way they were, or to use everyone's hatred of me and my power to push them into befriending one another. I could potentially eliminate future wars and bring great increases to education. Would I be repeating the same mistake though?

I decide to call Feb's cell phone.

I hear Ray's voice pick up the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, Ray?", I respond, somewhat confused.

"Umm, sorta. It's Feb. I'm conducting a bit of an experiment and can't move my own body while it's going on. I'm guessing by the fact that you called that Lunie told you all about it."

"I call you just to say 'hello' sometimes."

"Not since you volcanoed that lab you haven't. You've been preoccupied."

"No, I just didn't want you involved in this mess."

"Well, that sure didn't work, did it? We're a team. If you're involved, so am I."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't worry about it. I'm not the angel of perfection you make me out to be."

"Wait, what are you talking about?"

"I went through the same realization a while back about you. I practically worshiped you, too much so to question anything or think of what to do aside from whatever you would do. That's why I still wear the wings. They were what woke me up to the fact that everyone is just human, even you."

"I knew I noticed some change. You had seemed to get wiser."

"I can tell from how you are around me that you actually have the same problem with me that I once had with me. You think that I'm completely pure and can do no wrong. I'm not better than you, just like you're not better than me."

I hadn't thought about it before, but she's right. I begin to explain to her everything that's going on, but it turns out that Lunie had already told her everything.

I can still sense the world, but I'm no longer in control of my own body. From some conversation I'm forced to have, I find out that my kidnapper is the one controlling my actions now. To take over somebody's body like this is pure evil. Perhaps it's this Dr. Springs that's creating all these problems. They both probably need to be stopped.

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