Chapter 13: Died and Gone to the Heavens

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I thought I knew why they wanted me alive. I thought they'd want to take advantage of my intellect or interrogate me for what sort of "weapons" they heard I had. I was wrong. They want to give me a public execution. I'll be ridiculed and humiliated in my final moments. One might think humanity would be grateful of what I brought them, but no one stands up for me. The only ones who would, my family, are staying hidden out of fear, or so I hope. I don't wish them to share my fate.

As I'm walked to a guillotine by the guillotine operator, my thoughts go only to the safety of my family in this difficult time. The operator is fully covered such that I cannot even see the face of my killer. He puts me into place on the guillotine. Before dropping the blade, the operator pushes my head down to widen the range of the back of my neck for the blade to pierce. As he does so, I feel a sharp spike from on his finger dig into the spine of my neck. At first, I think it's the blade, but I quickly realize that it's not. Immediately, all my thoughts, knowledge and memories begin to run through my mind faster than I can even identify them. It makes me awkward and it gets difficult for me to think. Then, finally, the blade is released.

As my head is detached from my body, the operator keeps his grip on my head by performing a swiping motion. He holds my head up, like a trophy, showing me to the cheering crowd and letting me see them cheer as my final vision before death. The guillotine blade was very sharp so my head was able to remain alive for a few seconds after the decapitation occured.

Once I finished decapitating Dr. Shay, I had his body frozen and sent to his girlfriend, February before I returned home. I'm surprised they never got married, since they had been together for so long and seemed to like one another so much. I took off my hood and let my hair down. I was wearing my hair black to mourn the loss of my father. As I walked upstairs, I changed it to blonde, because there was really no reason to mourn, and Keith could've been around. I still hadn't told him I'm a machine or that I can change my hair color. I went into the room that Rick and Feb used before they moved to their underwater base and headed for the closet. I opened it to reveal a mechanical likeness of Richard. The codename on the model is "Bing". I opened up the control panel and transferred some data. Once transferred, I activated this new machine and handed him some clothes.

"Congratulations dad! You're the first scientist to come back from the dead."

"Lunie, the last thing I remember is being decapitated in a guillotine. My body can't possibly have been reattached. How did you accomplish this?"

"Remember getting your neck pricked? I downloaded your mind and uploaded it to this machine. It's a very similar design to my body. Unfortunately though, you can't handle all the multithreading I can, so you can't roam the net like me."

"So you... killed me?"

"You would've been killed regardless. By being the one to do it, I was able to save you."


As he put his clothes on I left the room and went accross the house to where Keith was waiting for me. Every day I'd been helping him to increase his stamina. The more practice he would get, the longer he would last, and it seemed about time to try again. After experiencing the feeling that humans are obsessed with a bunch of times over the next few of hours, I finally understood why such a ridiculous amount of money has been poured into my site by these humans.

Once Keith and I finish, I returned to dad to direct him to the portal I had set up in the basement. It uses a few nodes to reach the underwater base, and from there he could escape to the space station for a few years, until his problems blow over here on Earth. It sucked to exile him like this, but honestly he was always a bit of a recluse anyway, so I'm not so sure he minded. February moved up there with him too, and I always make sure to visit them and see what sorts of new things they're inventing. Over time, Keith and February begin to age. Using the healing chambers we're able to keep them young, but their immune systems get weaker with age regardless.

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