Hello! It's-a Doctor MARIO! The last time I gave the site a checkup, I reccomended that it use some funny pills. But the Director said you can't upload funny pills to a server & that you also can't cram them into a disk drive, whatever that is. So, I figured the next best thing would be to get a banner on the main page! Do you want your banner on this site? In the month of March 2005, we've gotten over 920,000 hits with more than 13,000 unique IPs with over 25,000 visits. If you want to advertise on this site, here's the procedure:

E-Mail me at DrMario@GameCheetz.com   Include a copy of the banner and the date you are requesting. If the day is taken, or if your banner has one of the symptoms listed below (most banners won't), then I will E-Mail you back saying what happened. Otherwise, I'll E-Mail you letting you know that you've reserved the date. To confirm, you pay via PayPal. In my E-Mail response, I would include the PayPal link. How much is the bill?


1 Day - $0.50 US

2 Days - $0.90 US

2 Days in a row - Weekend Special - $0.75 US

5 Days in a row - Workweek Special - $2.00 US

7 Days in a row - Fullweek Special - $2.50 US

31 Days in a row - Fullmonth Special - $10.00 US

Note: The weekend special doesn't have to be over a weekend. It's any 2 days in a row. The same goes for the Workweek, Fullweek & Fullmonth Specials


There are certain symptoms that we look for in banners to make sure they don't infect the site with Notforeveryonitis. That disorder conflicts with our readers. These are the symptoms:

Sexuexplicocis - This is when a banner contains or implies content of a disrobed nature.

Violenocous - This is when a banner is too violent to be suitable for children to view.

Seizurotriggamous - These banners will cause seizures in the epilleptic by flashing too fast.

Downloaditis - A banner with this disorder will put files on the user's computer.

Popupuous - This is when a banner causes a new window to open without clicking it.

Audivocalis - Banners with this disorder have sounds in them.

New banner disorders are being found each day! If we discover a new one in any submitted banner, we will be sure to let you know immediately.

If any of these symptoms are found late, after already putting up the banner, we must remove it and will not refund any money. This can occur if you choose to host the banner yourself, and simply change what the image is, or if we find out it has Downloaditis or Popupuous after already putting it up.


Days Already Taken: